Automotive Semiconductor


Semiconductors for distribution of high bandwidth content in buildings and vehicles

Gideon Ben-Zvi
Hod HaSharon, Israel
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Valens is a fabless semiconductor company that provides communications technology for the professional audio visual and automotive industries. The dramatic increase in the amount of data flowing around a modern vehicle necessitates more efficient, economical ways to move that data, which is where Valens' chips are unparalleled in their capabilities.

HDBaseT Technology

Valens is the inventor and the world leader in HDBaseT technology and a top provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition multimedia content, through a single cable, according to the needs of its target markets: AV, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.

Powering The Explosion of Data in Vehicles

Valens Automotive, a division of Valens, was established in 2015 with the goal of delivering the world’s most advanced chipset technology for in-vehicle connectivity.

Valens' technology enables the tunneling of simultaneous streams of high-throughput data to support the many cameras, sensors, LiDARs, and displays that take our vehicles to the next level of in-vehicle connectivity. Valens’ chipsets provide a single, holistic, cost-effective approach to address the challenges of connectivity. Valens’ superior physical layer (PHY) significantly reduces software complexity, with proper mechanisms to ensure high resilience, such as error correction (RTS), adaptive modulation, and real-time noise cancellers.

Valens’ technology has been recognized by the MIPI® Alliance as the most resilient technology for in-vehicle ultra-high-speed connectivity.

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