Linse Capital helps transformative technology companies reach escape velocity

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Investing in the future of
transportation, energy, and logistics

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Partnering with management teams
for the long-term

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We are a US-based growth equity firm with a global portfolio of cutting edge technology companies in the transportation, energy, and logistics industries

We believe in high concentration, supporting few companies with large capital and time commitments
We seek companies that, when successful, will help build a more sustainable, brighter future for our children
We work tirelessly to help our portfolio companies grow, practically becoming part of the team
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High concentration allows us to go "all-in" with our time and capital

Linse Capital invests in three to five companies at any moment in time, with deep industry focus and a hands-on investment management style.

We love purchasing both primary and secondary shares, thereby enabling management teams to grow their business optimally, without constraints placed upon them by shareholders.

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