Backing companies with multi-decade tailwinds

We're passionate about the new ways in which technology can change some of the world’s largest and most essential industries.

We’re fortunate to work with companies driving progress in areas such as: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, air mobility, robotics, warehouse automation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and space. When these companies win, the world wins.

We've been investing in and operating technology companies for over 20 years.


Always seeking ways to add value.

Investing in a small number of companies allows us to uniquely spend our time helping solve real problems.

Customer Introductions

We constantly and proactively make introductions through our network and our LPs’ networks

Help in the Talent War

Consider us an external recruiting firm, here to introduce you to candidates and assist in interviewing candidates for critical roles

Capital Flexibility

We hope to not just invest in, but lead multiple rounds when you need it. We're even able to buy secondary shares to offer certain shareholders liquidity

Frankly, whatever you need

We’d rather not be prescriptive about helping you. Tell us what you need and we’ll dig in. We won’t outsource the work

Our companies are leading the charge towards a better world.