About Us

Deeply committed to our portfolio companies, in both time and capital

We've been operating and investing in technology companies for 20 years. We're passionate about the new ways in which technology and data allow companies to move people and products more efficiently around the world.

Specific areas where we've invested in or operated businesses include: vehicle electrification, autonomous vehicles, fleets, telematics, air mobility, warehouse logistics, shipping, trucking, renewable energy, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, and business software.

How We Help

Investing in relatively few companies allows us to spend a lot of time trying to help each company

Here are some of the ways in which we seek to add value

Plug in to our network

We constantly and proactively make introductions in not only our network, but also the networks of our investors

Help in the talent war

Consider us an external recruiting firm, here to introduce you to candidates and assist in interviewing candidates for critical roles

Capital flexibility

We hope to invest in multiple rounds and instruments - if you need it - and we're even able to buy secondary to offer certain shareholders liquidity

Special events

We organize intimate gatherings for industry experts to come together, build new relationships, and to learn from each other