Electric Vehicle Charging


Global market leader in electric vehicle charging hardware, software, and services

Pasquale Romano
Campbell, CA, USA
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ChargePoint is the world's largest and most open EV charging network, operating ChargePoint charging stations and hardware from other leading EV charging manufacturers. The company connects EV drivers to thousands of independently owned charging stations located where people work, shop and play. ChargePoint's best-in-class cloud based software helps drivers and station owners manage all their EV charging needs in one place, through their account dashboard. A mobile app connects drivers on-the-go with access to their account and real-time station availability.

Someone plugs in every 2 seconds

For more than a decade, ChargePoint has been building the fueling network of the future. Now, someone plugs into the ChargePoint network every two seconds. They've delivered more places to charge than anyone else, and people count on ChargePoint for charging all day, every day.

+ 109,000 charging spots around the world
+ 74.5 million charges delivered (and counting)
+ A ChargePoint account can give you access to 80% of AC charging and 99% of DC fast charging in North America
+ 60% of Fortune 50 companies are ChargePoint customers
+ 175 partners amplify their efforts

EV charging is all they do, and they do it all

Passenger cars, delivery vehicles, buses and more—ChargePoint charges any EV, anywhere it goes. They’ve built a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support with the best technology in the industry.

+ All hardware is UL and CE certified for safety
+ Mobile app and home charger have top ratings
+ They've formed quality, reliability and test teams in-house
+ EV drivers around the world count on ChargePoint for support, 24/7
+ Growing patent portfolio and 20+ awards for technology (from World Economic Forum, Goldman Sachs, Electrek, CNBC and more)

By EV drivers, for EV drivers

When they started more than a decade ago, there weren’t any mainstream EVs to charge (yet). These days, they charge all of the models that are out on the streets. And they drive a lot of them themselves, too. Because EV charging isn't just their business. It’s their passion.

+ 100% focused on EV charging
+ Solutions are designed and tested by people who drive electric (over 200 EV drivers at headquarters alone)
+ More than 70 ChargePointers have been working on electric mobility at the company for 5+ years—and 11 for over a decade
+ The entire ChargePoint leadership team drives electric

2.5 million places to charge by 2025

ChargePoint has already built the largest EV charging network, with the best technology (and people). But they’re not stopping there. They're all in on electric mobility, to build a brighter future for all of us.

+ 296,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided
+ First EV charging provider to be ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency
+ Awards for environmental achievement from United Nations, Global Cleantech, Climate Change Business Journal, Acterra and more

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