Energy Efficiency


Turnkey portfolio wide energy efficiency retrofits for the Fortune 500

Arvin Vohra, John Rhow
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Redaptive enables large-scale rapid deployment of energy efficiency technologies and delivers immediate returns and long-term value across customers' real estate portfolios. Their Efficiency-as-a-Service solution provides turnkey efficiency upgrades that include materials, installation and maintenance.

Energy Savings Redefined

In the past, implementing a portfolio-wide efficiency upgrades that includes energy, HVAC, LED Lighting, and more would have taken significant resources and involved a lengthy and uncertain capital budgeting process, making it difficult to deploy despite compelling benefits. With Redaptive’s flexible Efficiency-as-a-Service program, they manage all aspects of your building upgrade, cover all costs and they only bill you for actual metered savings after project completion.

No Investment, Immediate Energy & Utility Savings

Redaptive’s Efficiency-as-a-Service solution doesn’t require capital investment and results in immediate savings, meaning your ROI and payback hurdles are met on day one.

Risk Transfer

Redaptive not only manages the whole efficiency upgrade program that includes energy, HVAC, LED Lighting, and more upgrades from start to finish, they also take on all project execution, rebate collection and technology performance risks, even full term maintenance costs. With their Efficiency-as-a-Service program they manage the risks so you don’t have to.

Verified Savings

Accurately and cost effectively measuring energy savings from an efficiency upgrade can be a complex challenge. Redaptive’s broadly deployed and comprehensive equipment level metering solution makes uncertain savings, certain.

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